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What was the feedback you were getting from the activity you were involved in that turned the experience into flow?

AUDIO: Painted In Black

LYRICS: Painted In Black

I was not made for this. Now I’m here to live this lie. This life feels empty. At least I feel something though it means nothing. I’m still hearing the same old words, the same old views, the same old thoughts. I’m still seeing the pictures I try to forget. Remembering the colors. Apparently they didn’t fit us. We were painted in black. I still feel the weight of your pain from when I got too close. Such an unrequited love. Full of hatred. Filled with life. If you know, if you know, I’m sure you don’t. So never mind then. Fill this heart with hope and compassion so I bleed life. If you know what I know you would trust your heart. If you see what I see you’d believe in your dreams. If you feel what I feel you would follow your sense. When you hear these words they mean no more than lies to you.


  • Music & Lyrics: Johannes Formella
  • Produced: Johannes Formella
  • Vocals: Johannes Formella
  • Acoustic Guitars: Johannes Formella
  • Synthesizers: Michael Formella
  • Additional Recordings at: Fresh Ground Sound, Ventura, CA
  • Engineered: Dave Jenkins
  • Assisting Engineer: Mark Antaky
  • Mixed: Forrester Savell, Australia
  • Mastered: Forrester Savell, Australia

Copyright 2021  / All Rights Reserved

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