WATCH: Behind the Song



What was an experience when you had such intense clarity that everything else just fell into place?

AUDIO: Ghost


I noticed your shadow on the wall while you walked through my door. Watching the blue sky fading to black as red rain covers the earth. The dream keeps hope alive and the illusion is our bravery. And it feels like you opened this door that takes you to a place where I don’t belong. There is nothing left to believe in. And you don’t know I tried to save this world for you. I built it up and now I’m up to tear it down. So I’ll never find. I’m a ghost. Finally, dead to you. Some day our story will be told. This romance is our tragedy. The horizon is not the end. It’s bravery in our hearts. And it’s bravery that we need. In a few moments we’re gonna face eternity.

PICTURES: Longboard Studios



  • Music & Lyrics: Johannes Formella
  • Produced: Johannes Formella
  • Vocals: Johannes Formella
  • Acoustic Guitars: Johannes Formella
  • Synthesizers: Michael Formella
  • Background Vocals: Sebastian Formella, René Pablotzki & Siegmar Pohl
  • Drums & Percussion: Jim Landzenski & René Pablotzki
  • Djembe: Jim Landzenski
  • Recorded at: Studio Longboard, Hamburg, Germany
  • Executive Producers: Sebastian Formella & Johannes Formella
  • Engineered: Siegmar Pohl
  • Editing: Dying Lizard Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany
  • Mixed: Forrester Savell, Australia
  • Mastered: Forrester Savell, Australia

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