What was a challenge when you were pushed

that far so you had to stretch your abilities?

AUDIO: The Pretty Truth

AUDIO: One Lost Moment

LYRICS: The Pretty Truth

Writing these words down brings me to self-degradation once again. Do you really think I’m still happy wasting all my moments on you? To see through these eyes is to stare at your mirrored image, your fading reflection. Now I can see the ugliness behind your pretty truth. And I still can’t believe how pretty you disguised yourself. I will erase you from these days ‘cause you made them ugly anyways. Loving words mean nothing when your mouth gives them sound.

LYRICS: One Lost Moment

Plan for tomorrow cause I’m a lie. Truth breaks within me cause I’m a lie. Honest words with a hollow smile. So cold, so predictable. These hearts so empty, so breakable. There is a story hidden. Right behind all dried wounds. Scars once reminiscent of a heart. So scrap your thoughts and take this world apart. These feelings won’t go away as you won’t stay. You will find your freedom so you won’t stay. Your lie is the truth of what is killing me. So cold, so predictable. These hearts so empty, so breakable. And I’m drowning in your cold dying soul, in your dark bleeding heart. Truth lies in black hearts. And now I know we all are replaceable.

LYRIC VIDEO: One Lost Moment

PICTURES:  Comp-Ny Studios

PICTURES:  Omen Room Studios

IN THE STUDIO: The Pretty Truth

BTS - DRUM PRACTICE: The Pretty Truth

BTS - DRUM PRACTICE: One Lost Moment



  • Music & Lyrics: Johannes Formella
  • Produced: Johannes Formella
  • Vocals: Johannes Formella
  • Acoustic Guitars: Johannes Formella
  • Electronic Guitars: Sebastian Formella
  • Bass: Sebastian Formella
  • Recorded at: Rekorder Tonstudio, Hamburg-St.Pauli, Germany
  • Engineered: Hauke Albrecht
  • Synthesizers: Michael Formella
  • Drums: René Pablotzki
  • Recorded at: Studio Longboard, Hamburg, Germany
  • Executive Producer: Sebastian Formella
  • Engineered by: Siegmar Pohl
  • Editing: Dying Lizard Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany
  • Mixed: Steve Evetts at Omen Room Studios, Garden Grove, CA
  • Mastered: Forrester Savell, Australia


  • Music & Lyrics: Johannes Formella
  • Produced: Johannes Formella
  • Vocals: Johannes Formella
  • Acoustic Guitars: Johannes Formella
  • Electronic Guitars: Sebastian Formella
  • Bass: Sebastian Formella
  • Recorded at: Rekorder Tonstudio, Hamburg-St.Pauli, Germany
  • Engineered: Hauke Albrecht
  • Piano & Organ: Hal Stephens
  • Synthesizers: Michael Formella
  • Drums: René Pablotzki
  • Recorded at: Studio Longboard, Hamburg, Germany
  • Executive Producer: Sebastian Formella
  • Engineered by: Siegmar Pohl
  • Editing: Dying Lizard Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany
  • Strings recorded at: Comp-Ny, Glendale, CA
  • Violin 1: Chris Woods
  • Violin 2: Paul Cartwright
  • Viola: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  • Cello: Peter Jacobson
  • Engineered: Be Hussey
  • String Arrangements: Johannes Formella & Michael Formella
  • Mixed: Eric Palmquist at Palmquist Studios, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mastered: Forrester Savell, Australia

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