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Intense Concentration

What was an experience

when you had such intense focus?

AUDIO: White Pavement

LYRICS: White Pavement

You know we’re more than you ever knew. We’re more than you ever wanted. So you still wait for something like us. But we won’t get together and start something new, something real. Don’t bring me back to your arms again. The day is done and now we‘re older. Here comes an autumn’s morning lived by an autumn’s son. Time went wrong on our shoulders. This is the life you chose. A life I do not want and neither care for. These words were not meant for you but it’s so obvious I relate them to you. How would you feel if I tell you, you’ll never feel this way again. I think I know you or at least I knew. I will die alone. But who needs you anyway. Burn down this dead soil, the harvest of my living. The moment I fill myself with life. And that’s what we fight for all together. We don’t want to have to wait forever.

PICTURES: Uncommon Studios

PICTURES: Comp-Ny Studios

IN THE STUDIO: White Pavement


  • Music & Lyrics: Johannes Formella
  • Produced: Johannes Formella
  • Vocals: Johannes Formella
  • Acoustic Guitars: Johannes Formella
  • Electronic Guitars: Sebastian Formella
  • Bass: Sebastian Formella
  • Recorded at: Rekorder Tonstudio, Hamburg-St.Pauli, Germany
  • Engineered: Hauke Albrecht
  • Synthesizers: Michael Formella
  • Piano: Hal Stephens
  • Drums & Percussion: Kenny Aronoff
  • Tambourine & Shaker: Kenny Aronoff
  • Recorded at: Uncommon Studios, North Hollywood, CA
  • Engineered: Dave Jenkins
  • Strings recorded: Comp-Ny, Glendale, CA
  • Violin 1: Chris Woods
  • Violin 2: Paul Cartwright
  • Viola: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  • Cello: Peter Jacobson
  • Engineered: Be Hussey
  • String Arrangements: Johannes Formella & Michael Formella
  • Mixed: Forrester Savell, Australia
  • Mastered: Forrester Savell, Australia

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