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What was an experience when you became so absorbed by an activity that hours felt like minutes or that everything around you seemed to slow down?

AUDIO: Welcome Overboard

LYRICS: Welcome Overboard

Hey vanity you missed the fashion trend today. Is all so tragic in this world we don’t fit in. Bored with our heads hanging and our creativity stolen we’re gonna try to find a new way. These old manners and customs must end right here, right now. A new world carried in our hearts. It takes us anyway we want. And we know this feels all fake. Here it comes again: a rock’n’roll takeover. So lets play the day away.

PICTURES: Antfarm Studios

IN THE STUDIO: Welcome Overboard


  • Music: Sebastian Formnella, Jim Ladzenski, Sascha Bath-Ahmer, & Johannes Formella
  • Lyrics: Johannes Formella
  • Produced: Johannes Formella
  • Vocals: Johannes Formella
  • Background Vocals: Theodor Formella, Sebastian Formella, Nicole Formella, & René Pablotzki
  • Electric Guitars: Sebastian Formella
  • Bottleneck Guitar: Tue Madsen
  • Recorded at: Antfarm Studio, Aabyhøj, Denmark
  • Engineered: Tue Madsen
  • Acoustic Guitars: Sebastian Formella
  • Drums & Percussion: Jim Ladzenski
  • Shaker: Jim Ladzenski
  • Recorded at: Studio Longboard, Hamburg, Germany
  • Executive Producer: Sebastian Formella & Johannes Formella
  • Engineered: Siegmar Pohl
  • Editing at: Dying Lizard Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany
  • Bass: Daniel Fischer
  • Recorded: Dying Lizard Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany
  • Executive Producer: Sebastian Formella
  • Engineered: Siegmar Pohl
  • Mixed: Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio, Aabyhøj, Denmark
  • Mastered: Forrester Savell, Australia

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