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"It's time to get crystal clear on the one thing you should be doing right now to achieve peak performance & flow experiences in your music career in 9 weeks!"

9-Week Peak Performance Training for Musicians


Going into writing a song while thinking about getting into flow pushed me to create something I’m pretty proud of in a short period of time.

I’ve finished the course and I’m still using the same techniques every week.

Honestly, this state of mind that Creative Thrive evokes is something I carry on into other endeavors as well…just pushing yourself to be better with an athlete mentality and reaping the rewards of accomplishment.

 - Jay Fluck

Audio Engineer

As a musician I have benefited immensely from applying the information and recommendations from this course.

Creative Thrive is a thoroughly researched and tested treasure trove of ideas and practices drawn from a large swath of resources, all of which are listed and available for further study. 

Creativity is my number one resource when it comes to composing, improvising and playing music.

All the hours of practice only start paying off when incorporated into my creative thrive.

 - Dannie Hofmann

Jazz Saxophonist

If you are a driven musician and...

  • want to elevate your music experience and get to the next level
  • are willing to face challenges and execute the strategies
  • want to make an impact with your music

...and you are struggling with creative blocks and an unfulfilled artist journey BOOK A CALL NOW:

The FLOW STATE Gives MUSICIANS The Ability To:

  • overcome performance anxiety,
  • boost their creative performance,
  • create a meaningful music experience,
  • build resilience,
  • regain their once lost passion for their art,
  • accelerate talent development,
  • and feel more enjoyment during music making?


  • Elevate Your Music Experience - We help musicians master science-based tools to overcome self-doubt & performance anxiety
  • Enter The ZONE - We train musicians how to get into FLOW to drive passion & meaning
  • Break Through Creative Ruts - We help artists to overcome creative struggles & trigger creative breakthroughs

Jump into a creative learning adventure and master science-based training strategies for achieving peak performance in your musical journey by discovering FLOW as the moving force of your creative life.


  • Peak Performance / Creativity
  • Meaning / Engagement
  • Enjoyment / Fulfillment
  • Talent Development / Learning
  • Productivity / Motivation
  • Self-esteem / Confidence
  • Stress Reduction / Better Emotional Regulation
  • Clinical Applications

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Let's get clear on the ONE THING you should be doing RIGHT NOW to accelerate

your creative performance and enhance your music experience in 9 weeks!

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