GIG 1.2 - Optimal Mindset

FOUND: The Preparation - In the beginning, we set the foundation for a life in flow. We learn the philosophical interpretations of how optimal performers think about and see reality...

Creating a Mindset to Thrive

Create the kind of mind that chooses flow as the moving force of your life and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and a path to excellence. Break free from limiting beliefs to lift your music game.

GIG 1.2 - Optimal Mindset (Intro)

GIG 1.2.1 - Identify opportunities to thrive

TRAINING: GIG 1.2.1 - Transformation to Thrive

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What is your current state in each area (mental game, physical game, lifestyle, work life)?

  • How much of a priority is it in your life? 

  • What are the benefits? 

  • What are the obstacles? 

  • How much time are you investing in each area?

  • Do you want to improve in any of them?

GIG 1.2.2 - Build a growth mindset

TRAINING: GIG 1.2.2 - Growth Mindset

Take the Growth Mindset Scale: ACCESS HERE


Choose how you feel about each statement on a scale of 0-3.


The first 5 statements: (0 = strongly agree, 3 = strongly disagree).

The second half it’s the other way around: (0 = strongly disagree, 3 = strongly agree).


Use the score chart to find out our level of growth mindset mindset:

  • 22 - 30 = Strong growth mindset

  • 17 - 21 = Growth mindset with some fixed ideas

  • 11 - 16 = Fixed mindset with some growth ideas

  • 0 - 10 = Strong fixed mindset

TRAINING: GIG 1.2.2 - Internal Locus of Control

Take the Locus of Control Scale: ACCESS HERE

  • The following questions concern your beliefs about work and jobs in general.  They don’t refer only to your present work.

  • Choose how you feel about each statement on a scale of 1–7 (1 = disagree very much, 7 = agree very much).

    • Aim for accuracy and belief. 

    • The higher the score the more internal locus of control you have.

TRAINING: GIG 1.2.2 - Understanding the Natural Rhythm of Building Tension & Releasing It

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What is it that makes a musical experience come alive for you? 

  • Why should you value the experience you are having? 

  • Why do you spend so much time making music in the first place? 

  • What is it about music that makes it so incredibly beautiful to you?

GIG 1.2.3 - Cultivate the art of the impossible

Cultivate the art of the impossible, the philosophy of optimal performers.

GIG 1.2 - Optimal Mindset (Outro)

Learn the philosophical interpretations of how optimal performers understand reality to lift your music career.

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