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  • 13 Songs
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  • Community

“This is something I know for a fact:

You have to work hardest for the things you love most. 

And when it’s music you love, you’re in for the fight of your life.”

– Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg


Music has been the greatest joy in life for me from a very young age. Due to previous music projects over the years, I had the great pleasure to travel the globe to play music. Years later and I am still holding onto this joy.

Coming from a small town called Husum in the far North of Germany all the way to Los Angeles in California, I was given the amazing opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned musicians, producers, and record in iconic studios, being in one room with Grammy nominees to make music together...musicians and studios who left their marks in history and are part of platinum, gold, and Grammy-winning records and we were making music together: the songs that I have written on my dad's old guitar. I was stoked out of my mind and truly felt like a kid again. The world of recording studios was my playground.

Beyond that, throughout this incredible journey, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to collaborate with people who made the music I listened to while I was growing up — the creative minds who inspired me to make music with my family and friends when I was young. Their music was the soundtrack to my youth. Having this opportunity is the story I fell in love with.

Music to me is the greatest joy I can have. It's love, and I took high risks just for the pure sake of making music. We all have something to give and share, and it's nothing less than the best of us. Now let's go out there and create some greatness and beauty to inspire more of us…

GJOVA’s debut album Northern Son includes 13 songs, 10 of them are unreleased. NOW I’m super thrilled to share them with you for FREE as a part of an interactive music experience. Each day I share new music, lyrics, stories, interviews, behind the scenes, and more amazing bonus content about the story and meaning behind this journey of making Northern Son, my debut album.

Northern Son is not an album. This is a music love story. And it started behind the northern wind. It’s a sincere celebration of music’s greatest love: The Music Flow Experience

Music continues to do what it always has done. It keeps making my life a brighter and more pleasant place. Making music is about enriching one’s own life. And far beyond that, making music is about enriching the lives of those who listen to it … and that’s you … and that’s what I want my music to be … Are you curious to hear more about it? Take part in an interactive music experience and let’s tell a story about music and flow together …

  • The experience is viewable on a mobile phone so that you can enjoy the experience from anywhere and whenever it’s convenient for you
  • Takes 11 days to complete so that you dive deeper into the music flow experience together each day
  • Learn more about flow in music so that you can start chasing flow in your own life
  • Be part of a community of music lovers so that we can celebrate our shared love for music together
  • Let’s celebrate music and spark inspiration so that we can thrive on creativity together


Music is about connection, relationships, and enriching our lives. And that's what this album is all about. It’s about the individual intimate relationship with music, with something we love. Something that we deeply share and that connects us. It’s a story about the vulnerability to something that excites and scares us at the same time. It’s about the Music Flow Experience. When finding Flow, it feels more of being alive than anything else that we experience. It’s an experience that I’d love to share with you! Let’s come together to celebrate our shared love of music in a virtual music experience called the Music Flow Experience!

Music Flow Experience

The Music Flow Experience is a virtual experience I created as a creative and meaningful way to release my debut album Northern Son and share it with the world.

This experience will grant you early access to the entire unreleased album, as well as take you way behind the journey into how the album was created, and what it means to me.

13 Songs

You get access to the entire album Northern Son which includes 13 songs.

The album Northern Son was officially released January 28, 2022.

  • Hurricane (The Final Beat)
  • Pure Oxygen
  • White Pavement
  • The Pretty Truth
  • One Lost Moment
  • So Do I
  • Closing Shades
  • Ghost
  • Painted In Black
  • Gray Chairs Cold
  • The Passenger
  • Welcome Overboard
  • Northern Son

Tons of Creative Content

Northern Son is an extremely personal album.

The album features the people in my life that fulfill my world; my family, friends, and loved ones.

But I also had the privilege and great pleasure to collaborate with a host of talented musicians, producers, and artists on this album to give the songs a unique and refreshing sound … I can’t wait to tell you all about it and share this experience with you.

Each day you’ll have access to exclusive content such as behind the scenes, interviews, stories, pictures, lyrics, to take a deeper dive into the journey of making the album and what it means to me.

And you’ll hear a lot more about the music’s greatest love: The Music Flow Experience

Community Access

The Music Flow Experience is a lot more than a virtual, interactive album release … Music Flow Experience is about connection, relationship, and community. It’s about our shared love of music!

So, I’d love to invite you in sharing this music experience with me and build a community of likeminded music enthusiasts together. And as we grow together, we make closer connections and create stronger relationships with each other.


Music is a very personal and intimate way of communication. It’s about connecting and making sincere relationships.

And when we find others who feel the same about music, then we better deepen and nurture that connection.

I’m deeply grateful for having the opportunity to share my music with you. As we share this very personal joy, let’s build upon that, to grow together.

Direct and open communication is part of every healthy relationship. That’s why it’s part of this experience.

I’m going to be taking part in the Music Flow Experience experience side by side with you ...

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