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"Going into writing a song while thinking about getting into flow pushed me to create something I’m pretty proud of in a short period of time.

I’ve finished the course and I’m still using the same techniques every week."

 - Jay Fluck 

Audio Engineer

"As a musician I have benefited immensely from applying the information and recommendations from this course.

Creativity is my number one resource when it comes to composing, improvising and playing music."

- Dannie Hofmann 

Jazz Saxophonist

"Creativity & Flow Blockers are simply fabulous.

I will recommend the program to all my friends. 

Thank you does not seem enough to express my gratitude."

 - Debra Oostendorp 


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9-Week Peak Performance Training for Musicians

Jump into a creative learning adventure and master science-based training strategies for achieving optimal performance in your musical journey by discovering flow as the moving force of your life.

Work with us directly and join other likeminded artists in weekly live group coaching calls. Based on the training methods in CREATIVE THRIVE, we have Q&A sessions, give personal feedback, and have further discussions to help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable for reaching them. Let us push each other beyond the known.

Join the flow squad. Become a valuable member of the flow cosmos and contribute to a community of thriving musicians and creatives who give and share support, feedback, collaboration, and accountability with each other. We are here to challenge the music game.

In the beginning, we set the foundation for a life in flow. We learn the philosophical interpretations of how optimal performers think about and see reality.

Optimal Engagement - The first stage sets the foundation for how to cultivate flow experiences in your creative life. Here you build the basis for more music engagement and a more meaningful relationship between you and your music.

Optimal Mindset - You learn the importance of having a growth mindset and how to break free from limiting beliefs. In this stage you learn the philosophy of peak performers and how they think and see reality. We train you to be more confident and resilient in your creative work. 

Optimal Environment - The next stage is all about creating a creative environment that encourages peak experiences and promotes musical confidence and self-efficacy. You learn how to create beneficial habits and how to achieve more clarity in your daily music making.

In the following stages, we learn to understand the research, characteristics, psychology, and biology behind the state of optimal performance. Based on that understanding, we explore how our brains work, develop our strengths as learners, train our ability to trigger creative insights and breakthroughs by finding the zone, learn about group Flow dynamics, acquire methods to break through struggle, and gain tools for improving our areas of weakness. We learn to understand our own biology and apply that understanding to our own lives by making our biology work for us. To max out one’s performance, first one must accept and master humanity’s inherent habits.

Optimal Experience - After having an optimal practice environment in place, it’s a lot easier to get into the Zone. This is what the next stage is all about. In week 4 you learn all about the different stages, core characteristics, and triggers of the flow state and how to enter it. That’s also where we show you how to overcome performance anxiety which every performing artist struggles with. As a musician I’m sure you’re familiar with that.

Optimal Creativity - The next stage trains you how to cope with writer’s block. Another issue all creatives struggle with. You learn how to break through a creative rut and how to apply basic biological knowledge to trigger creative breakthroughs and Eureka moments.

Optimal Performance - In stage 6 you dive deeper into how to apply the flow triggers. You learn the importance of goal setting for your music. This gives you greater clarity and confidence in your career. We show you how to use group flow triggers to benefit music collaboration and boost group creativity. You also learn about the 10 creativity and flow blockers and how to avoid them.

As human well-being is at the core of all of this, we end this journey by learning the importance of recovery and how to apply positive psychology and healthy self-care measures to our lives.

Optimal Recovery - Stage 7 is all about recovery. In high performance, recovery is a grit skill. Every creative person needs to understand the importance of recovery protocols to consistently feel and perform at your best. So that it doesn’t take a toll on your creative performance and overall well being. We show you science-based practices on how to cope with stress and avoid burnout.

Optimal Fitness - In the next stage we expand on recovery to increase cognitive and physical fitness. You learn to master the basics of positive psychology to reduce frustration, overwhelm, and procrastination. We focus on the importance of sleep, mindfulness, gratitude, physical activities, nutrition, and our social environment.

Optimal Energy - The final stage of the CREATIVE THRIVE training program is how to leverage your unique biorhythms as an advantage to feel constantly energized and inspired in your music career. You learn when to do your most important creative work and when to take a break, relax, and recover. We show you how to bring everything together, all the things you learn throughout the entire training program, so that you get the most out of your music career and feel more fulfilled in your journey as a musician.

What do our students say?

- Jay Fluck

Audio Engineer

"Honestly, this state of mind that Creative Thrive evokes is something I carry on into other endeavors as well…just pushing yourself to be better with an athlete mentality and reaping the rewards of accomplishment."

- Dannie Hofmann 

Jazz Saxophonist

"Creative Thrive is a thoroughly researched and tested treasure trove of ideas and practices drawn from a large swath of resources, all of which are listed and available for further study."


Join the FREE UNITED THRIVE - Music Flow Community

Learn more about flow and peak performance in music.

Connect with thriving musicians who give and share support, feedback, collaboration, and accountability with each other. 

We are here to challenge the music game.

What does the research say?

The FLOW STATE Gives MUSICIANS The Ability To:

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety
  • Boost Their Creative Performance 
  • Get Into Heightened Creativity States Consistently
  • Train Their Brain To Think More Creatively
  • Create A Meaningful Music Experience
  • Build Resilience
  • Break Through Creative Struggles
  • Increase Creative Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Regain Their Once Lost Passion For Their Art
  • Accelerate Talent Development
  • Feel More Enjoyment During Music Making

Elevate Your Music Experience

We help musicians master science-based tools to overcome self-doubt & performance anxiety

Enter The ZONE

We train musicians how to get into FLOW to drive passion & meaning

Break Through Creative Ruts

We help artists to overcome creative struggles & trigger creative breakthroughs

Jump into a creative learning adventure and master science-based training strategies for achieving peak performance in your musical journey by discovering FLOW as the moving force of your creative life.


  • Peak Performance / Creativity
  • Meaning / Engagement
  • Enjoyment / Fulfillment
  • Talent Development / Learning
  • Productivity / Motivation
  • Self-Esteem / Confidence
  • Stress Reduction / Better Emotional Regulation
  • Clinical Applications



CREATIVE THRIVE was born from a mutual interest in, passion for, and curiosity about music, creativity, optimal performance, and flow of players in the arts, sports, and sciences. We are a group of individuals who are burning for music, flow, optimal performance, and human well-being. Our international team is here to train optimal performance and flow for musicians and creatives. We designed a program that teaches musicians and creatives how to achieve optimal performance and creates more well-being in the life of an artist.

The Window Music is a family-based music project. My dad, brother, and I set this idea in motion, driven by our shared love of music. The name is an homage to my dad's time as a musician in the 60s and 70s, when my parents lived in West Berlin. His band at that time was called "Das Fenster", which translates to “The Window”. My biggest inspirations are my parents and my brother. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Theodor Formella - Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Musician

Sebastian Formella - Biologist, Chemist, Teacher, Musician

Johannes Formella - Executive Director, Musician


Marcos Vinicius Araújo, PhD

Marcos Vinicius Araújo is professor of music performance at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Institute of Arts, Music Department. His primary research interest lies in the investigation of cognitive-psychological dimensions of musical expertise (e.g. practicing, expertise, performance preparation). He also conducts research on Flow State/Trait in music performance, being also a member of the European Flow Researchers Network. He’s presented papers at national and international research conferences and has articles published in several prominent peer-reviewed publications and publishers, such as the Psychology of Music, International Journal of Music Education, Springer, and Música Hodie. Marcos’ teaching duties include undergraduate and graduate courses with emphasis on classical guitar, foundations of guitar pedagogy, and research methods. He is currently the coordinator of the Music Department at UFRGS. Marcos has also been frequently invited to teach instrumental and pedagogical improvement courses in Brazil and Portugal. Beside the teaching and research career, Marcos has been worked professionally in several music groups since the age of 15, performing in some of the major radio and television programs in Southern Brazil, and in countries such as Portugal and England. - Marcos Vinicius Araújo, Dr

Mitzi James Kincaid, PhD

Mitzi James Kincaid has served as an educator and coach for over 20 years, with a mission of empowering individuals to step confidently forward toward desired growth. Mitzi is passionate about helping individuals gain self-awareness and expand what was thought possible personally and professionally. As a Certified Mental Performance Coach and Internal Coaching Federation trained, Mitzi uses evidence-based practices and applied experiences to promote personal development, leadership, and team growth.

Mitzi is skilled in working with professional and amateur performers, as well as business leaders. Extensive research and practical experience reinforce Mitzi’s ability to assist leaders in creating environments conducive to flow experience for themselves and their teams. This includes helping individuals navigate challenges and find deep satisfaction in their efforts.

Mitzi supports student-athlete success at the University of Georgia, Athens, is an Adjunct Professor at Holy Names University for Sport and Performance Graduate Studies, and a Senior Adjunct Professor at Azusa Pacific University in the School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences, Department of Kinesiology Graduate Studies. She holds a PhD in Psychology from Capella University. Mitzi’s love of people and dedication to making a positive impact in individual lives and the world fuels Mitzi’s enthusiasm and energetic optimism in assisting people accomplish a variety of goals.


We’ve partnered with the JW Foundation/Art of Learning Project, a non-profit educational initiative founded by optimal performance expert Josh Waitzkin, who is an eight-time national chess champion and a two-time world champion in Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands. The Art of Learning Project principles are centered on cultivating self-expression, resilience, passion, and creativity.



Join the FREE UNITED THRIVE - Music Flow Community

Learn more about flow and peak performance in music.

Connect with thriving musicians who give and share support, feedback, collaboration, and accountability with each other. 

We are here to challenge the music game.

Peak Performance


in Your Inbox


Pop in your details and we’ll send you 10 peak performance tips for your music to help you experience more flow.

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